New Book Release: I Am Always Here With You by Himanshu Rai

A new story of love by bestselling author Himanshu Rai
Having released the bestselling book My Mute Girlfriend on Valentines this year, Himanshu Rai is confident that no one would have ever read a story similar to the one he is going to narrate this time. His writing style is much liked by young readers, as they easily connect with the emotions and narration style of the bestselling author. His previous book was based on a true romance story, and with his upcoming book titled I am Always Here with You, Himanshu is taking romance to new heights.
Talking about his forthcoming book, Himanshu said, “It talks about relationships and their importance. When we love, there are no rights and wrongs. And there is no space for ego and pride. Thats how the book explores love.
Srishti Publishers & Distributors, one of India’s leading publishing houses for mass-market paperback fiction, has announced the acquisition of rights for this book. While broadening Srishti’s hugely successful portfolio in the contemporary romance category, this collaboration is to mark a trend of a romance story with a difference this time.
This is the second association between Srishti Publishers and Himanshu, after his debut novel My Mute Girlfriend touched the bestselling mark soon after its release. It was also listed as one of the 25 best romance reads of 2018.
On his association with Srishti Publishers for the second time, Himanshu said, “I am delighted to work on my next books with Srishti. Being a romance title, no one can give it a better platform than them. I am thankful and obliged to be part of their team.
The title of the upcoming book I am Always Here with You is already trending and much loved.

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