Book Review: The Panchatheertha Part 1 by Rajiv Mittal

Title- The Panchatheertha Part 1
Author- Rajiv Mittal
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 21 Nov 2018
Language- English
Pages- 352
Format- Kindle Edition

Vishnu Sharma’s reincarnation Shiva Varma has, in this redraft, revived the ancient Indian tradition of parampara (continuation of knowledge from one guru to the next). In his excitement, he forgot the younger age group of his shishyas (students). His characters now try to explain the motives for their actions, also express their feelings; something The Panchatantra had cleverly avoided doing. Within its pages, animals are still made to think and behave like human beings but have not otherwise been harmed in any way.

The Panchatheertha was considered lost but the discovery of two altered strategies ‘The Loss of Friends’ and ‘Gaining Friends’ should create hope within the large and growing community that has had considerable success with the first and complete failure with the second. Those wanting to meet Shiva Varma are hereby informed he dislikes economists, preferring astrology. He is in samadhi (seclusion / deep meditation) and not in hiding.

There are many intriguing characters not known to Vishnu Sharma in this adaptation; from a sex consultant plying his trade in the locality Ajilundpenodhoka in district Makasam… to a devadasi (courtesan) wanting to conduct the temple prayers because she is bored… to Sage Narada Muni !!

“The Panchatheertha Part 1” by Rajiv Mittal is something 3rd book by the author but it was first read for me.

By reading the title I was excited to read the book because it even made me think of something story related to number five. God knows what I made assumptions *laughing* And title showed that it is a Part 1 so now I was relieved to continue reading more parts when author writes.

I do never judge a book by cover because at lasts matters is the content in the book and not cover but cover matters to be good because it makes readers to pick the book when the cover is adorable. So, in case of this book I didn’t find it that good. I really suggest author that cover should be something different that suits the title.

The characters which are included in various stories are very well portrayed. Author have used simple grammar and unique language with some humour which helped me to grab my whole attention towards stories. The story is about losing of friends and gaining of new friends. Overall, it was a good read of this year with different stories.

Things I loved about book-
The way author presented the characters is good and I loved it

Things I didn’t liked-
There were many characters which were very hard to remember while reading the whole story.

Title- 4/5 stars
Cover- 3.5/5 stars
Blurb- 3.8/5 stars
Plot- 4.2/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 4.5/5 stars
Overall rating- 4/5 stars

Reviewed By-
Sudarshan Jagtap

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