Book Review: The Cave: Secrets Within by Preiksha Jain

Title- The Cave: Secrets Within
Author- Preiksha Jain
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 26 Feb 2019
Language- English
Pages- 102
Format- Kindle Edition

Two women, connected with love and friendship, live together. There is one more thing that binds them together. Visions. The fragments of which will lead them to the horrors and the mysteries of their very existence.

The visions that will unveil their powers and weakness. And now, they seek help. The women need a guiding light to save their lives.

Their survival depends on the son and the father. The evil who was beckoned ages ago must be cages.

And death must take place in-

The Cave.

The Secrets within the Cave are about to lay bare. Follow the beckoning into the cave, and delve into the world of mystery!

The Cave: Secrets Within is a story of two girls having the same dreams and same power. They share a bond with themselves; a bond of love, friendship, and relationship as well. Some incidents do happen with both of them, where both have some visions of it.
The book is about fantasy world.
What were these incidents? What same dreams exactly they had?
The cover of the book is okay-okay. Title of the book suits the entire story.
Initial chapters of the book very really interesting to read but somehow the book loses its pace and flow  because of suspense and thrilling adventures  should not hold too long and is has simple secret and predictable too. Any reader can lose the grip of reading because of the books pace slows down and doesn’t have so good end.
Writing style and language used was lucid and easy to understand. Vocabulary and grammar was good enough.
Final verdict from my side is because is one time read for readers who like to read love storied with some fantasy adventures.

Title- 2.8/5 stars
Cover- 3/5 stars
Blurb- 3.9/5 stars
Plot- 3/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 3/5 stars
Overall rating- 3/5 stars

Reviewed By-
Sudarshan Jagtap

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