Book Review: Not Worth Living For by Shreyan Laha

Title- Not Worth Living For
Author- Shreyan Laha
Genre- Fiction
Sub-Genre- C/M/T/Science Fiction
Publisher- Bigfoot Publications Ltd.
Publication date- 1 Jan 2018
Language- English
Pages- 178
Format- eBook
Ishita Singh, a student of St. Pierce’s College, Mumbai was living a pretty normal life with her group of friends, a caring senior and scarily enough, a creep who followed her. Shweta wakes up in the unknown planet of Isthenope and sets out with Alexander Ishutin, a former spy of the RSV, to discover more about the unknown planet which was built for a future civilization. Underlying the lives of the two in completely different worlds, there lies a dark secret which was partially blacked out in some corner of Shweta’s memory and unknown to Ishita. Will they ever come to know about the secret or will it be so chilling that it won’t be worth living for?
The cover of the book goes along with the storyline but the title “Not worth living for” would have been something different.
Author had tried to mix most sub genre in the story like crime, mystery, science fiction. There is a game named Shweta who finds herself in different planet named Isthenope when she wakes up from sleep. There she meets a guy named Alexander who helps her to introduce her to this new world. The past memories of Shweta haunts her like nothing can be done to let the memories go away. It all happens in this planet Isthenope. And in the same there goes a crime investigation related with a girl named Ishita. Police officers tries to find out the culprits behind this. The grammar used in the book is simple yet good. The characters were plotted good. Writing and presentation did not excited me too much. Because, if it is then I was able to finish the book in one read. What did actually the case was that made cops to find culprits? How Shweta finds herself in Isthenope?
 It is okay to read the book for one time.
My final verdict- 
This book is not must read book but you can give it a read though.
Title– 3/5 stars
Cover– 4/5 stars
Blurb– 3.5/5 stars
Plot– 3.5/5 stars
Writing and presentation– 4/5 stars
Overall rating- 3.6/5 stars
Reviewed By– Sudarshan Jagtap

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