Book Review: New World Reapers: The End of Beginnings by Amritansh Dayal

Title- New World Reapers: The End of Beginnings
Author- Amritansh Dayal
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 4 Oct 2018
Publication- Notion Press
Language- English
Pages- 290
Format- Paperback

A Broken World…A Scattered Race…A Web of Cruel Interest…

That is what greets the remnants of eradicated humanity as their first stronghold of a new world is snatched from them. Watch as each of the characters in the book embarks on a journey to accomplish his or her own goals while combating swarms of monstrous opponents, both, in body and in mind. With their own weapons and traits, they endeavor to achieve their own feeble goals and grand ambitions.

Of the four surviving friends, the protagonist is the only one without any superhuman power, but he is still the leader of the group, and the master strategist, who is trying to ensure that his friends survive the bitter battles with the Mutants and the Shadows. Will he succeed?

Cover is pretty for the book but title is not entirely match with book. Because, title and entire story are very different from each other. Blurb of the book could have been better. Plot was Okayish but not that interesting. The narration could have better and improved. The characters in the book were not well developed.
I didn’t read prologue for most of the book but decided to read for this book, almost it took me 15 minutes to complete prologue because it was stretched so long. Writing style was not so good and it could have been improved. Language was simple and not so interesting.

There is a group of four friend and three of them had superpowers except the protagonist i.e. leader of the group. They have to save the world from wars and survive them all. The race of mutants called shadows were to destroy all humans but these superpowers of three friends and their strategies could help humans against wars. Would they be able to save the world?

The story didn’t have a proper baseline hence, the book cannot be completed is single sitting as it gets boring.

Not recommended book.

Title- 3/5 stars
Cover- 3.2/5 stars
Blurb- 2.8/5 stars
Plot- 3/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 3/5 stars
Overall rating- 3/5 stars

Reviewed By-
Sudarshan Jagtap

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