Book Review- My Mute Girlfriend

First of all I would like to thanks author for writing this wonderful book.
‘My mute girlfriend’ by Himanshu Rai is a romance novel. The cover of the book is quite attractive and title exactly matches it and can easily give an idea to reader about the story of book.
The story revolves around the characters like Rohan, Navya, Vaidehi, Anurag, Vineet, etc.
The story is narrated in such way that literally it made me cry. The relationship, love, emotions are good things which are present in each novel but this novel is quite different from others. This was awesome read of this month. The language used to narrate the plot is lucid and simple to understand that helps reader to hold a grip while reading. Few hindi lines added in the book made book interesting. All I can say that new readers who are on the way to pick romantic read should pick this one. Literally, I loved the book…
Best wishes for author to write more interesting novels.

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