Book Review: Frozen Moments Revisited by Md Taslim

Title- Frozen Moments Revisited
Author- Md Taslim
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 14 Dec 2018
Language- English
Pages- 94
Format- Kindle Edition

“Frozen Moments Revisited” will offer remarkable insight on appreciating life’s simple moments.”Frozen Moments Revisited” talks about love, betrayal, material wealth and human convictions. It dwells on both the tangible and the abstract. It illuminates the significant. The characters do not dominate as single entities but as a piece of the collective. They complete each vignette which, in turn, supplements their metamorphosis. Entirely insightful with metaphysical messages that transcend beyond any epoch, it touches universal truths by going back to the basic, let the readers re-examine their own values, personal conflicts and self-beliefs. Excerpt from “Frozen Moments Revisited:”“Why do we live?”I am taken aback by her question. I start staring at her face while thinking about the answer of her question. I am unable to think of any answer. In the process I take her hand in my hand and tell her “I think I am living to keep these hands in my hands for ever, for whole life. I wish to live to hear my name from your beautiful lips forever. I wish to live to hear your sweet melodious voice. I want to remain entrapped in your big magical eyes. I want to live with you forever.”

Frozen moments revisited by Md Taslim is fiction book. The title of the book is apt for entire book but I was disappointed by looking at the cover and thought it might be a little more different and attractive which could have matched exactly with the book. The entire book had various short stories which had meaning of entire life related emotions like love, friendship, hatred, life up and downs, etc.
The writing and presentation kept was very simple by the author and there were no grammatical mistakes found in the book. In all the book is one time read. Author presented each and every story very simple which I found easy and good to read.

Things I loved about book-
The way author presented the entire plot in various stories.

Things I didn’t liked-
I was highly disappointed with the last few chapters of the book because they were not engaging while reading and those chapters were not would have been ended and improved in good way.

Title- 4/5 stars
Cover- 2.5/5 stars
Blurb- 3/5 stars
Plot- 3.5/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 3.5/5 stars
Overall rating- 3.3/5 stars

Reviewed By-
Sudarshan Jagtap

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