Book Review: Bring ‘Em On: Unleash Confront Conquer by Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’

Title– Bring ‘Em On: Unleash Confront Conquer
Author– Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’
Genre– Non-fiction
Publisher– Notion Press
Publication date- 17 April 2018
Language– English
Pages– 414
Format– eBook

Blurb is what I looked forward to this book.
So keep reading.
Is living becoming irksome? Are relationships turning sour/unsustainable? Are you at a crossroads, confused, in a Catch-22 situation, in need of counsel and advice? Do you find others unbearable?
You aren’t lost/ebbed/withered/a spent force. You are laying your hands on the panacea. Receiving, imbibing, assimilating and implementing all that is contained herein would usher in the transformation. Relevant, situation-centric, situation-specific, contextual, and with value-addition, you will stand strengthened and empowered after going through this book. It does not matter whether you are an upstart or a virtuoso in your chosen area, or if you are confined to working at/from home or are on a globe-trotting spree. You are bound to be caught in circumstances that could be dicey. Who isn’t in need of a helping hand? You would benefit substantially from the doses of motivation, solace, analogies and anecdotes contained herein.
Go through the contents and face the vicissitudes with courage.
Finally, ‘Bang ’em on’ after you ‘Bring ’em on’!

The title is good and what to tell about the cover, it is just eye catchy, and awesome.
Bring ‘Em On: Unleash Confront Conquer by Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’ is book which has most important selected topics related on life. The book teaches us how to improve weaker parts of our life. Few topics I liked are Self belief/Faith, Purpose of living, Relationship, Success , Change, etc. It taught me what are expects of life, love, relationship, success, etc. Re-reading it again will give you some more improvement in life. The language used in the book is lucid amd quite good. The grammar is simple and easy to understand. The presentation and writing is lit which helps reader to hold and read the book until end. And the most important is there are beautiful quotes by author and many legends over generations.
If you are looking for non fiction of the month then you give it a try.

Favourite Quotes From Book-
1. “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
2. Without self-respect and love, you cannot reciprocate the same. – Rachit Ghate ‘Mark’

Title– 4/5 stars
Cover– 4/5 stars
Blurb– 4.5/5 stars
Plot– 4/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 4.5/5 stars
Overall rating- 4.2/5 stars

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read.

Reviewed by- Sudarshan Jagtap

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