Book Review: An Anglo-Indian in Love by Tapan Ghosh

Title– An Anglo-Indian in Love
Author– Tapan Ghosh
Genre– Fiction
Publication date– 2 Dec 2017
Language– English
Pages– 51
Format– Kindle Edition


What happens when a hot-blooded young man and a beautiful older woman from diametrically opposite backgrounds are thrown together in a violent situation? The confrontation begins with a misunderstanding. Anger gives way to repentance and understanding as circumstances take over.
But it is not as simple as it sounds for the couple who are slowly drawn together. They must overcome the barriers of religion, culture, language and socio-economic background that threaten to pull them apart. Not to forget the burden of societal norms, their traumatic past and the age difference between them.
This is the heart-wrenching tale of Cindy, a 36-year old Anglo-Indian beauty trapped in an abusive second marriage. The result of an English captain’s affair with a beautiful Indian girl, Cindy represents the dilemma of the Anglo-Indian community in post-colonial India of the 1950s
Shunned by the Indians who viewed the community as being British loyalists and not being Indian enough to be part of the mainstream, the Anglo-Indians felt a sense of loss of identity after the rulers left India in 1947. While many members of the community migrated to foreign shores, there were others who were left facing a future with little hope because they were not seen to be foreign enough to be accepted by the west.
This is the story of Dilip, the local hero who must overcome his traumatic past. Disowned by family and exploited by the local politicians, Dilip – fondly called dada by friends and well-wishers – is a hero to many who see him as a modern-day Robin Hood. Yet, there are many others for whom he is the despicable local toughie. Who is the real Dilip?
The path of love is never easy. There is Cindy’s abusive husband Bert who thinks nothing of challenging Dilip to a fight unto death for trying to win his wife’s affections. What will happen to Dilip’s childhood friend and sympathiser, Liora who knows Dilip better than Dilip himself? And what does Cindy’s wise aunt Gloria feel about her niece’s love for an outsider like Dilip? Does she believe that there is a future for Cindy and Dilip together?
Set in the Calcutta of the 1950s, the former capital of British India serves as a fitting backdrop to the tensions and undercurrents that existed between the representatives of the erstwhile rulers and the ruled.
Is Dilip able to redeem himself? Can Cindy make a clean break from her past and begin life anew? Will the two be able to break through the several hurdles that threaten to pull them apart forever? Read the story if you believe in true love being causeless.


“An Anglo-Indian in Love” is a second book by Tapan Ghosh. It is a short romantic fiction work. The title of book is simple awesome, alluring, and same goes with the title.
The characters in the book are Dilip, Liora, Cindy, Bert, Gloria. Dilip (aka Dada) is an Indian guy who loves to play football. Liora is Dilip’s childhood friend. Cindy is 36 years Anglo-Indian women who is teacher of English Literature. So, the story is about Dilip and Cindy who has a lot of age difference in their age, as Dilip was the same age of son of Cindy and at some point of their life they fall for each other. Does age really matter when it was about true love’s devotion? What kind of love was this between Dilip and Cindy?
Liora was childhood friend of Dilip who was always been there for Dilip and Dilip for her. Liora too had romantic inclination for Dilip but not from Dilip. She being sad didn’t express her love for Dilip in any ways. She knew him more than he knew himself, such was their friendship. What kind of love was this between Dilip and Liora?
Amidst, the love of Liora for him,  Dilip had strong feelings for Cindy. So he cared for Cindy.
Was he serious about her? How would their communities accept this relationship?
This book described about Anglo-Indian community in Calcutta in 1950s
The language used in the book is lucid and grammar is simple to understand. The writing and presentation kept me engaged with book.
This is one time wonderful read.

What I liked
The friendship between the characters Dilip and Liora is what I liked the most. Bengali and hindi language used in between in funny and beautiful. The line I liked used to describe Dilip was “Worshipped by some and dreaded by others”
When Cindy gets confused about relationship with Dilip and the lines used to describe that situation were “Her mind and her heart seemed to be a battle ground at that moment with ethics and dedication in war”

Points of improvement-
The meanings of Bengali lines used in the book should be given in English too.

About the Author-

“Life is all about striking a balance. That’s what I do. Balance work with things that excite me. Not that work doesn’t.”

An engineer by qualification, my passion for work has driven me to be an entrepreneur, a pioneer in my field and a patent holder as well.
But, as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Very true, because I get bored easily. The adventure seeker in me learnt to fly a plane (I hold a flying licence). The creative side of me seeks expression in writing scripts, some of which have been made into short films.
One of these scripts lost its way and ended up being published as a novel. Friends tell me that there is a bit of me in it. Perhaps! Because, what is creativity but an expression of the creator? And expression comes when you feel the experience, not merely live it.
Expression must reach out. And that’s why I am here. To amuse, to entertain, to inspire or merely to strike a chord within you. Of course, I’d be happy if you tick all the boxes. We talked about balance, didn’t we?
God bless!

My final verdict-
The book is short read and recommended to romantic genre readers.

Title– 4/5 stars
Cover– 4.5/5 stars
Blurb– 4/5 stars
Plot– 4/5 stars
Writing and presentation- 4/5 stars
Overall rating– 4.1/5 stars

Reviewed BySudarshan Jagtap

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