Book Review: A Cage Of Desires by Shuchi Singh Kalra

Title– A Cage Of Desires
Author– Shuchi Singh Kalra
Genre– Fiction
Publisher– Penguin
Publication date– 21 May 2018
Language– English
Pages– 216
Format– Paperback

‘There’s a kind of love that makes you go down on one knee, and there’s the kind that brings you down on both. You don’t need the latter, because no matter what you do, you cannot make anyone love you back.’
Renu had always craved love and security, and her boring marriage, mundane existence somehow leads her to believe that, maybe, this is what love is all about. Maya, on the other hand, is a successful author who is infamous for her bold, erotic books.
What do these two women have in common? How are their lives intertwined?
Renu’s thirst for love and longing takes her on a poignant journey of self-exploration. The answers come to her when she finds the courage to stand up for herself, to fight her inner demons and free herself from the cage of desires . . .

A Cage Of Desires by Shuchi Singh Kalra is a kind of book which will inspire you how to stay strong in every situation in life amidst every failure. The cover and title of the book are damm beautiful as the story in the book. Female character named Renu who goes through various heartbreaks in her life still she comes back stronger.

Renu, a middle aged women looking after her kids, father-in-law and husband who stays far away from her. She lives in her mundane life after the marriage. It is not the cage only for desires but the cage in which dreams, ambitions, love are trapped just because of family members. She gives her whole life for caring her family members and sacrificing her love and desires.

Maya is another character in the book which is much similar to Renu and both characters are similar to each other and here Maya is the only way where Renu can come out of the cage but again family and what will society say comes in between her way of dreams.

This book turned to be a very interesting read and I personally loved the character of Renu and story line. The language used was lucid and grammar was simple. There were no errors found in the book. There were erotic and sensual scenes written in the book so as to keep reader engaged in reading, and everything was described in commendable way.

About the Author
Shuchi Singh Kalra is the Amazon bestselling author of two novels-Done with Men and I’m Big. So What!? Her short stories have appeared in Love across Borders, Stories for Your Valentine and NAW Anthology 2013. In her freelancing career of over a decade, Shuchi has written for major print and online publications such as Femina, Good Housekeeping, Hotelier International, Huffington Post and Home Review, among others. She has also been listed among the top women authors to follow on Twitter.

Title– 5/5 stars
Cover– 5/5 stars
Blurb– 4/5 stars
Plot– 4/5 stars
Writing and presentation– 4.5/5 stars
Overall rating– 4.5/stars

Reviewed BySudarshan Jagtap

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