Blogging Made Easy

Blogging Made Easy

Before beginning my journey as a blogger I Googled a lot of topics: How do I start a blog? What are the platforms that I could blog on? Where can I buy domain and hosting? How can I rank my blog? Et cetera, et cetera. And finally I halted on a blog post by Aniruddha Pathak.

The blog post is named as “How to Start a Blog that attracts Traffic: A Definitive Guide for Writers & Authors”.

To my delight, Aniruddha has covered all the important aspects of blogging that are helpful for those who are supposed to start a blog and also for those who are already into blogging.

So, I’ll be sharing few tips from the blog post that I found useful.

Starting with first topic: “Why Blog?”

Blog is important for us as it helps readers to find our work at one place. And using blog has numerous benefits as we can categorize our write ups according to the genre. Blog helps gain a good and loyal reader base. It helps in marketing our products. As simple as that. Blog is nothing but our own brand.

Coming to next topic: “How to start a Blog?”

Here, Aniruddha has given his ideas on platforms that will help help us to start a blog. He explained about Blogger and WordPress and also stated between both which would be much beneficial to start a blog. He has also provided tips about SEO, monetization, and how it will help to rank our website (blog) in a better way.

Some points he covered to write are self hosted blog, free blog, Ad monetization, Analytics, SEO.

Apart from above all information which gives the idea about starting blog and engagement in it, what I found the most useful thing here is that Aniruddha, by his hard work and experience with blogging, invented his own technique which plays major role in blogging and it is called “The Altitude Technique”.

The Altitude Technique - Infographic by Aniruddha Pathak

In initial days of my blogging, I thought it will be good idea if design of my blog is attractive and eye catchy. But, I was wrong. Because, it trend to stay minimal, the design of blog should be simple as it keeps readers engaged with blog. And apart from the design content is the thing that matters the most – “Content is the king”.

To get more traffic to your blog from the readers we should share them on each and every social media platform. So, using this idea of sharing the stories, it will help know the readers about our blog and stories on it.

So, this is most useful tip to follow if you are stuck at normal traffic.

Hence, making a post related with your writing which will sum up all your write ups and sharing it everywhere will generate traffic.

So, this is all I learnt from blog post by Aniruddha Pathak.

I highly recommend you all to read the original post in given link:

And trust me as it helped me it will help you too.

Thanks for reading!

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